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JAMS Business Solution
Devoted to provide one-stop solution to the foreign investor searching for Government Projects, Local Companies for joint-venture project, Individuals Govt. contracts, PPP (Public Private Partnership Authority) project, Turn-key projects that may span across multiple areas, functions, high officials, Government authorities, defense sectors, secretariat personnel, PM Office, Local business personnel, Foreign investor company. and/or lines of business. Secured the fund management of foreign investor and specify the easiest path for the transfer of the fund to address complex and varied business needs. Provide the finest solutions to any kinds of property related business, managing complex and/or high profile vendors. Lead efforts to develop and implement new analytics opportunities within the E2E disability process and drive business value. Define project scope and objectives. Develop detailed work plans, schedules, project estimates, resource plans and status reports.

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Md. Shahadat Hossain
+88 01713116229